Friday, July 3, 2009

This Ain't Charlotte's Web...

I have an infestation!


Since moving into my new apartment (6/18), I have seen and killed an average of two bugs per day. First, there were ants in my bathroom. Then I saw a few beetley bugs in my living room and bedroom.

The new and most worrying plague is SPIDERS. Tiny spiders. Always in my bedroom and usually crawling on the wall beside my computer screen. Of course, they might be everywhere, but I am generally staring in that direction for most of the day.

I resolved to call the office in the morning to report this since it is no emergency, but as of 8:20 PM this evening, the scales have tipped. I found THREE tiny tiny spiders on my computer desk.

The size implies they are possibly BABIES, and there is a hatched nest somewhere in my house!! Also, the recent performance of my computer suggests they might have constructed the nest right on top of the processor.

I left a frantic message for the office, begging for someone to come genocide these little bastards. My mother also came to save me from myself, wielding Raid and Boric Acid, which we sprayed in every available crevice. (I still managed to find a spider on my wall between then and the time of writing :( ....)

Now I live my life in constant fear, where every piece of dust that flies by and every stray hair that brushes against my skin MUST BE SPIDERS.

I'm just waiting for the moment when one will descend from the ceiling as I eat my soup, plop down beside me, and shout:

"What's in the bowl, bitch?!"