Friday, November 6, 2009

Healthy Calendar!

Okay, so last night, I was hoping to introduce what will hopefully be the new godsend of my household. Just about anyone who knows me read my rant last night and was like, "Yeah, sure, be all high and mighty...but you aren't exactly the picture of health yourself, Mere."

This is true. I don't eat as well as I should and I don't exercise at home. I get a moderate amount of activity at my job, but nothing I would consider a cardio workout. Since I started living alone, I have tried to follow my former favorite diet, The Supermarket Diet, which is less of a *diet* diet and more like a nutritional guideline to eating healthy and shedding a few extra pounds.

It's great, and I strongly would recommend it to anyone. The problems with it are few, but they make it very easy to abandon. It is very difficult to do by yourself, and unless you are on the [expensive] two-week "Boot Camp" phase, it is VERY difficult to plan meals. I have always lamented my poor planning skills and prayed for the day when a book would tell me what to eat every day. I knew that if something else was calling the shots, I would make healthier food and be happier.

I am now sharing my home with a type 1 diabetic boyfriend, and dinner plans have gone topsy-turvy. Where I am nearly a vegetarian, sometimes I could just mix up a big bowl of starch and eat it for dinner back in the day. Feeding Sean a big bowl of white potatoes and cabbage is pretty much the equivalent of feeding him cabbage buried in table sugar.

So the search began for a diabetic cookbook that would hopefully also teach me a thing or two about diabetic nutrition. Diabetic cooking is not as depriving as one might think. Just a few simple swaps that are just as tasty. It's also very nutritious for anyone; it is very heart-healthy and encourages you to eat more seafood [yay] or other lean meats.

Enough exposition. I'm ready to unveil what will probably the greatest thing to hit my bookshelf since Bart Simpson's Guide to Life.

The Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking cookbook is a full year of tasty, healthy recipes. It is laid out like an actual calendar[the book starts with January 1] , with 5 recipes per week and 4 weeks per month. There is also one bonus dessert recipe per month. And it's published by the American Diabetes Association, so it damn well better be healthy.


Not only does it take my planning agony out of the equation, there is a weekly grocery list included that I can easily photocopy and take to the supermarket!


The book is written by a dietitian and a chef, ensuring that the foods will be nutritious AND delicious! And there is a tip included on each page by one or the other of a way to up the health factor or the taste factor.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am a complete foodie, and totally plan to blog about this culinary adventure! I will include a picture and brief description of everything we make, complete with our personal thoughts of how it turned out, of course. And perhaps some fun facts about why it's nutritious. I've been wanting to take this blog in the food/nutrition direction for a long time, and now I finally have an excuse!

Expect the first post [ghost] before Monday.

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