Friday, May 6, 2011

The Saga Begins...Two Days Late

I am kicking myself for not including this video in my Star Wars tribute the other day. So, to rectify this, I have made an addendum!

The whole time I was looking up videos for the previous entry, I knew that in the back of my head I was forgetting something really important! But, HOW could I forget Weird Al's take on "American Pie" about The Phantom Menace?!?! I can only assume I must be on drugs without my knowledge.

Not remembering this makes me feel terrible as both a Star Wars fan AND as a Weird Al fan! Especially since this video is the only good thing related to Episode One. So watch this, it is awesome:

Also, this is a picture from the Weird Al concert I went to a few years ago in Somewhere, New Hampsha! It was really well done, and yes, he did "Albuquerque" as an encore. I think he stripped down to this outfit from a business suit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth be with you!

Today is officially and un-officially Star Wars Day! As something that has influenced and molded my life (and conversational pop culture references) as much as World of Warcraft, the Simpsons, or my crazy parents (love), it deserves some recognition!!!!!!!

Here comes the video spam:

Seriously, at least watch this first one, it is the last time anyone referred to George Lucas as "the guy who made American Graffiti":