Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The End

Tonight, I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie. I knew as I watched, that even though the crying would cover a range of emotions, I would begin silently sobbing at some point and be unable to stop until the end. I predicted correctly.

Many who shy away from "fantasy" or "science fiction" movies don't realize that more often than not, the "unrealistic" themes and heroics take a backseat to the startlingly accurate portrayal of honest human behavior. Though of course the unrealistic parts are usually kickass as a bonus!

Anyone who has not experienced this story is truly missing out - not just on a major piece of pop culture history, but on a fantastic and moving story of the range of human emotions, and what they can drive us to. This is not merely a story about some kid wizards flying on broomsticks and Ralph Fiennes without a nose. The real story is about betrayal, sacrifice, man's mental struggle with mortality, hatred and bigotry, loss, loyalty, and the power of love of all kinds. Seems pretty realistic to me.

Also, it's not Twilight, people. SO GO WATCH ALL 8 MOVIES RITE NAO.

Monday, July 18, 2011

This One Goes Out To The "Common"ists

Thanks, Dad. Music IS what feelings sound like!!

(Note: This song is not about my Dad.)