Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hipster Isopod

Watched The Bay last night. It was touted as a "real footage" shaky-cam documentary, similar to the Blair Witch Project.

What is with Maryland and these types of films?

Either way, it is pretty obvious to someone from the Eastern Shore that it is definitely all nonsense; however, once I suspended the disbelief, it was enjoyable for what it was. It was scary, and touched on some very real concerns regarding the Chesapeake Bay, like how it is becoming a giant toilet thanks to the agricultural runoff.

Here is a new meme I made about my new favorite animal, the giant isopod, or Bathynomus Giganteus.

Monday, September 16, 2013


I just came home bitching and complaining about what I feel is a bad haircut. I get on Facebook, looking for a distraction from this First World Problem, and find out that a friend of mine from high school is dead, and has been for a year and a half. A family member had tagged him in a status saying they missed him.

Obviously, we weren't that close, or I would have found out sooner. I still find myself extremely upset. He had struggled with cancer since he was a toddler, and I knew (also through Facebook) that he had a relapse at some point. He had a good life, and was married at one point (no children that I know of).

He had a crush on me in tenth grade, and asked me to Homecoming dance that year. I'm not sure I even went to the dance at all, but I wish I had. Maybe we would have danced to this song.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Timing is Everything

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before Watchmen Review

Before Watchmen is the "prequel" series to the graphic novel Watchmen, and for my birthday, one of my pals gave me the combo pack of my two favorite characters: the Comedian & Rorschach! Even though I am always really excited about prequels or retrospective stories about characters, I was leery of this series because it has nothing to do with Alan Moore, the original author of Watchmen.

I read the entire book in a sitting so it was definitely entertaining enough, but it wasn't really what I expected. I was under the impression that "Before" Watchmen would be a genuine prequel, showing the experiences that formed the Comedian and Rorschach into who they are, or the events directly preceding them joining the Minutemen or Watchmen.

The Comedian's story takes place in the 1960s, focusing heavily on Camelot and Vietnam, which is between the original 1940s Minutemen group and the second wave of Minutemen in the 1970s. It is definitely interesting if you are into that era of history, especially the many governmental conspiracies and cover-up stories surrounding the Kennedys and the war. My main complaint is that the Comedian's involvement with some of these topics are nowhere near in line with the canon of the original book or even the movie.

Rorschach's story takes place in 1977, the same year as the Keene Act, which was the piece of legislation that outlawed vigilantism and masked "heroes". His story was much more interesting to me, probably because it was more personal to Rorschach and less focused on alternate historical timelines. It takes place over a few days, featuring him trying to take down a small criminal ring in the city. But what I really enjoyed was that it shows him as the real man, Walter Kovacs, in his personal life.

I suppose both of these stories take place before 1985, so it still counts as "before" Watchmen, technically. I thought they would take place long before the events of Watchmen, but the stories were still great!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're Halfway There!

Finally, I can cross Bon Jovi off the concert bucket list!

I was supposed to see them in D.C. in 2001, at a benefit concert for 9/11, but for whatever reason they were unable to perform at the show. I was really disappointed to miss them, but last night's show at Gillette Stadium (Home of the New England Patriots!) was well worth twelve years of waiting.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn on the ride down there that J. Geils Band was the opening act. I don't know how I missed that detail, as I was the one who made the Ticketmaster purchase, but I was so excited when I found out! I only really knew like two of their most famous songs, which are on my iPod already, but their hour-long performance was incredible, and now I want to hear more of their music. Plus, it's always cool to see a band in their homeland!

This song in particular was awesome, complete with the same intro:

Around 9PM after the sun went down, Bon Jovi took the stage. They played for 2.5 hours, did TWO encores, and played every single song I really hoped to hear. I was sad when I heard that Richie Sambora was removed from the tour shortly after we bought the tickets, but the guy who replaced him was a really awesome guitarist and sounded just like him.

Jon Bon Jovi has been my ultimate rock star crush for years. Every song is awesome, he has the greatest voice in the industry, and he's frigging beautiful - even at age 51. I didn't think it was possible for me to love him any more than I already did, but last night I was proven wrong. He's such an incredible performer, sounds amazing live, and seems like such a down-to-earth kind of guy. He would crack jokes between the songs about being too old to hop around on stage, was great at engaging the crowd, and he just seemed so happy to be there performing.

Last night I felt like one of those hysterical Beatles fans you see in old footage from the Sixties. I always thought it was silly that they could be that emotional over a rock star; I mean, I didn't even cry when I saw Michael Jackson! But I would be lying if I didn't admit I actually CRIED during "Bed of Roses". I wasn't sobbing but I got a little teary, and I surprised myself. He just sang it with such raw emotion that it was so beautiful.

They did all the major songs you'd expect, including the acoustic lead-in to the regular "Livin' On A Prayer", plus a few that I was really hoping for, but wasn't sure were popular enough to make it: "Bad Medicine", "Always", and "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night". They also did covers of "Start Me Up" and "Old Time Rock 'N Roll".

I did take some videos, but they aren't the best quality, so I'm just going to post my favorite Youtube videos of some songs they performed:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Good! So Good! So Good!

Thankfully, all of my people in Boston are safe and sound, including the few that live in Watertown, where the shoot-out occurred. It's very scary to think this could happen in Boston, a city in which I have lived and spent so much time. I have been to Copley Square several times, I used to work in Watertown, and I have never felt unsafe anywhere in the city or outlying suburbs. As many before me have stated, while the footage was terrifying, it was incredible to see so many people, civilians included, running into the fray to help others. It was an affirmation that humanity is not, in fact, doomed, and the follow-up response from the city, state, and federal levels made one thing clear: think again before starting shit in Beantown!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still Alive

I have been listening to my "Cat Stevens Radio" on Pandora non-stop, and now have a newfound obsession with Jim Croce.

To quote a wise man, "Music is what feelings sound like"!